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Rain Harvesting

Rainwater can be used for landscape, irrigation, and water features. It provides a relatively clean source of water, and can be collected and reused with relatively little treatment or filtration.

Rainfall harvesting can involve simple or complex technologies depending on project scale. 

RainXchange is a water collection and reuse system. It harvests rainwater from the downspouts, stores it in an underground storage basin, then reuses the water in a water feature or tied into the sprinkler system, thus saving water and reducing stormwater runoff.


Capturing and reusing rainwater reduces the demand on the municipal water supply, reduces the owner’s water bills, and helps to avoid strict water bills.  According to the EPA, stormwater runoff is one of the main reasons that 40% of the country’s lakes, rivers, and estuaries are not clean enough for fishing or swimming.


In the Oklahoma City area, a typical roof of about 2,000 square feet can capture over 40,000 gallons of water in a typical year.

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