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Most landscapes are a combination of beautiful views, spaces for entertaining, an area for family time, gardening, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Landscaping can also work to enhance curb appeal, screen unwanted views, and create privacy. No matter your landscape needs, Grooms can help. The first thing to do is call and schedule an appointment with a landscape designer.  


Having a goal in mind for your landscape is key. Think about how you will use the space and find a few pictures of landscapes or elements you admire. Your designer will talk about all these things with you, as well as your maintenance goals and budget. Design needs range in size from a small planting bed to a master plan for a large estate. Our staff is qualified to design your outdoor space and ensure the appropriate plant choices.


When a design and budget has been finalized, Grooms will send a skilled crew out to handle your installation. Your designer will discuss the project details with the project manager and crew leader to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our staff is detail oriented, making sure we are as happy with the outcome as you are.


Drainage needs are different on every property, but we all know water has to go somewhere. Your gutters do a lot of work to handle the rain, let us help after that. From underground drainage systems to above ground solutions such as dry creeks and swales, our experts can help you with a comprehensive plan to mitigate rainfall and maximize impact. Trying to keep water from puddling? An underground system may be best. Have a sloped yard that sees some water moving through? A dry creek may be your best solution. Our experts will examine your issues and help you achieve a comprehensive plan.

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