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Hardscaping can add interest and usability to any outdoor space. From elaborate outdoor rooms, to simply adding a little more patio space, to functional and beautiful focal points. Hardscaping adds value to your home and expands the functionality of your space. The design team can assess your space and needs and help you determine what best suits your family and lifestyle.


Having a solid floor of sorts is key for your outdoor space, and it can be achieved with a myriad of different styles and materials. Flagstone can create a rustic pathway or a beautiful patio addition. Pavers can replace an old sidewalk or even create interest in your driveway. Decks can be a great alternative to provide a level surface in sloped yards. Concrete can take on any shape desired and can be colored and stamped for an individual look.


Our Oklahoma heat tends to send us searching for shade, and sometimes the trees just aren’t enough. Pergolas create shade while still letting in some sunshine. A pavilion set close to the house or out in the yard creates a retreat from the sun as well as the rain. Gazebos can create additional seating while giving the feel of a separate outdoor ‘room’. And trellises can add interest in a sunny garden, while creating a haven for more shade tolerant plants. 


Feel like your space is still missing something? A fire pit or fire place extends the ‘life/time’ you can enjoy the outdoors by creating a source of heat as well as an intriguing focal point. A gathering isn’t a party without food. Outdoor kitchens range from simple to elaborate but can make entertaining much simpler. With guests, seating is always a necessity. Built in seating can be free standing, attached to other elements, or even double purpose as retaining walls or planters. Add a little relaxation to your space with a soothing water feature.

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