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An irrigation system can have a huge impact on your property. It keeps your plants and lawn healthy. A well-maintained landscape gives a great impression of you, and your home or business. Grooms can help with all your water needs. Our goal is to get the right amount of water to the right areas of your lawn so everything is growing and healthy. We can design and install a new irrigation system to help you care for your landscape, or re-vamp your existing system to use water wisely. 


Irrigation design is simple. Our management team will meet with you on site to start the process. During the initial on-site consultation, you’ll discuss your wants and needs for a system, and your property will be evaluated. The designer will discuss details with you, then take your information back to the office to get you an accurate estimate.


When you’re ready, Grooms will send one of our qualified installation crews to install your system. They will handle everything from the installation, to checking for optimal coverage and water usage, to explaining your new system; how it works, and how to use it.


If you have questions or a problem with an existing irrigation system, our service department can help. Our crews are trained to work on all brands of irrigation systems, including two-wire systems. Think you have a problem? The crews will troubleshoot your system and then repair it, keeping you in the loop and answering your questions. They can also explain how your system works, how to use your controller, and check your system for broken heads or clogged nozzles.

Smart Watering Techniques

At Grooms Irrigation, we strive to deliver a system that conserves water.  Whether it’s through the use of a smart controller and it’s dynamic run time schedule or low precipitation rate nozzles that reduce runoff in our clay soils, we can save up to 40% on your monthly water bill.

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